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Last Updated 28 June 2012

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Engine Dynamometer


Welcome to AustecRacing.com's Engine Dyno Centre, a purpose built engine test facility for performance and custom tuning for every application. Austec Racing is one of very few facilities in the UK where you can have your engine set up on an engine dynamometer and then installed and fine tuned in the actual vehicle, on a rolling road. And with experienced staff and a 10000 sq feet facility

Dynamometer for Performance Engines
With ever increasing outputs, AustecRacing recognise the need for correctly running in and setting up of the engine prior to fitting in the car or delivery back to the customer. Running the engine on the dynamometer lets you check that all the design specifications and parameters are met. Our test facility is capable of handling engines of up to 1600HP and 1350 ft lbs of Torque. For smaller engines our second dyno is calibrated at 800HP and 650 ft lbs of torque.

If required, as well as full documentation on output and power graphs, we can supply video footage of the session on DVD media.

Dynamometer for Marine Engines
With marine engines, running in and setting up on an engine dyno is even more important as once the engine is installed in the vessel, setting up is reduced to guesswork.

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Find out more about the Engine Dyno including specification - call us for a free, no obligation informal and friendly chat about how we may be able to help with your requirement or project.

Contact us today on 01293 531080 or email us for a fast response.

Why AustecRacing.com for your Engine Testing and Dyno Work?

Our engine dynamometer is a purpose built facility to give you a comfortable and professional environment equipped with the latest technology with automated data acquisition under tightly controlled environment for consistent repeatable results. Our control room is separated from the secure Dynamometer room with a bullet-proof glass to ensure the safety of the operator. Work in privacy and guaranteed confidentiality.

The secret to our success is simple: We have engineers with several years of hands-on experience, a superb line of engineering facilities and with our attention to detail and a customer service that is renowned, you can be sure that you're working with the right business partner.

Call us today to book your engine test session or for advice - our service department provides a highly personalised quality service with flexible booking arrangements and a convenient collection and delivery service.

Call us today on 01293 531080  or email us now if you have any Dynamometer questions.


Rolling Road Open Days in 2010


Rolling Road


Rolling Road OPEN DAYS - Clubs Welcome.

Live Mapping and Rolling Road Diagnostic Services offered. More about Rolling Road


Rolling Road and ECU Chip Tuning Centre


Rolling Road


We have a 4 wheel drive MAHA LPS3000 Rolling Road installed at our Crawley, West Sussex Workshop. For Power runs, Diagnostics and Live mapping of your performance car. Find out more about our 4 wheel drive Rolling Road.


What "Engine Optimizing" or "Mapping" will do for your car!


What Engine Optimizing will do for your car.


Want more bhp? Improved throttle response? Improved driveability? And even improved fuel efficiency? Then why not enquire as to our engine tuning services. Experienced in ‘mapping’ a wide variety of cars and a broad spectrum of engine management systems, we are sure that we can look after your tuning needs.

Find out how mapping can help you and your car.





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